Missionary Training Center, Provo, Utah - Week 2

Elder LaHue with Elder and Sister Danley
Hello everyone! I'll keep this email brief because I leave for Africa in 2 days and I'm running around trying to get everything packed and ready.

President Russell M. Nelson spoke last Tuesday night at the devotional. It was the first time I've ever seen an apostle in real life so it was a pretty huge deal for me. I have about 3 pages of notes written just from his talk. The biggest point I took away from it was a message of hope and strength. He spoke about the power of missionary work and it made me feel so grateful to be in the MTC. Also, our whole district sung in the MTC choir in front of President Nelson. We sang "Praise to the Man". It was so awesome.

This whole week has been a huge blur. All of the days blend together. If I didn't write in my journal, I wouldn't be able to remember anything. We are getting better at teaching, but mostly understanding people. This girl we taught shared with us that she had felt like God had deserted her in her life and left her alone. It was a humbling experience to see all that she had gone through. I think we have all felt like that in some point of our lives. However, everything happens for a reason. Like my companion said, "God sends us storms to wake us up". Regardless of how far off the path we feel we have gone, or how undeserving we feel of His love, He is there and listening. You can have a lasting relationship with Him, like with our own fathers. 

See you in Africa!
Elder LaHue