Rocklands 2 Area - Week 9

Instead of a White Christmas I had a Brown Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!!!

I can't believe I have been out on my mission for 2 months. Sometimes it feels long and sometimes it is really quick. I got to skype with my family on Christmas Day. It was only for an hour and it went by too fast! I love and miss them so much. It was really nice to be able to see them and share stories and experiences. This has been my favorite Christmas present ever.

We had a fantastic Christmas party last week. Lots of food, fun, and games. We made fools of ourselves on stage but it was worth it. I met up with some of the guys who started missions the same time as me so we are in the same group. They are in the picture with 3 of us. Cool guys! So much food has been ate in the last week, but I do my best to keep in shape so everything is okay. 

This Christmas I have felt the love of Jesus Christ. More so than other years. Although I received few physical gifts, the spiritual gifts have been far more meaningful. Memories last forever. We don't need many gifts under our tree to be happy, real joy comes from spending time with our families and remembering the true meaning of Christmas. 

One meaningful experience that sticks out to me is when my companion and I sang Christmas carols to random people we met. We sang "Joy to the World", "Silent Night", and other songs. Some people even started singing with us!! As we sung, we experienced real joy. We all have something in common. Jesus Christ gave his life for us, that we may gain eternal salvation. All we have to do is exercise faith, repent of our sins, and keep His commandments. This is where true happiness comes from.

If you want to be happy, all you have to do is ask the missionaries how to be.
Merry Christmas!

Elder LaHue