Rocklands Area 2 - Week 11

Hello everyone! 

We had 3 baptisms last Saturday! There is a mother named Sibongile and her daughters Tankiso and Nti, who are 10 and 8 years old. We have been teaching them since we got here and now their special day finally came. They were so excited to be able to be baptized all together as a family. The Lord has blessed us missionaries for our hard work and diligence and he has blessed this family as well. I am grateful to have made an impact in their lives by bringing them closer to Christ.

So much soccer has been played lately. We play at the University of Free State every Monday for about 3 hours. We also play early Saturday morning sometimes before we go out to work. I used to not be too interested but now I am getting a lot better so it's fun! I miss playing basketball, but I got to play for a bit before the baptism so I am satisfied. Plus all the running from soccer is a great workout, and I am becoming tan as well. 

I don't have a scripture to share this time, just some general thoughts about my mission so far. My first thing I have learned is that everyone matters. We are all children of our Heavenly Father, sent to this earth to gain a body and to learn and grow. Everyone has their challenges in life. As a missionary, I get to see firsthand the many different trials of life. One of the things people need most in their life is a good influence around them. Often people are left asking for help with nobody to turn to. People don't just automatically start making mistakes in their life, it's a process that starts with how they are being influenced.

I invite each of you this week to be a good influence to somebody you know. Be kind, friendly, and loving. Listen to them when they speak, and pay attention. I promise you that this world will be a little better off each time we do an act of kindness to someone. 

The days are starting to blur together, which is a good thing in my opinion. I don't think about home as often. Slowly, South Africa is beginning to become a second home to me. I love you all.

Elder LaHue