Maseru, Lesotho Area - Week 32

Another week in the books!! Not a whole lot has been happening lately. Just some normal teaching and a few missionary activities.

This Sunday we will have a baptism! I have been teaching an 18 year old girl named Mo for the last few months. She lives with a woman that was baptized last transfer. So, we started teaching her. She has come a long way! Now she is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and has a testimony of it. We are excited for this Sunday!!

We did a few hikes this week too. My friends Elder Adams and Elder Thorkelson are going home next week. Both great guys and excellent missionaries. I am going to miss them a lot and have loved being with Maseru with them.

Lately I have been reading from "Jesus the Christ", the book of Acts, and the Old Testament. It is cool to see that God worked the same back then as he does today. The stories are really captivating, even though the Old Testament doesn't make a whole lot of sense. That's why I read the picture books :)

Ke lerato!
Elder LaHue