Monday, June 26, 2017

Maseru, Lesotho Area - Week 35

Some crazy things went down this week! President Thompson asked us to find 2 new investigators a day. This led to some interesting experiences to say the least.

First, we met some guys who are from Cameroon. They speak English and French. Also important, they have a drum set! Elder Moore from Maseru 1 plays drums, and I play a little bit so we jammed out. It is so cool to be able to say that I was in the middle of Lesotho, playing drums with some guys from Cameroon. Who can say that?

Next there was the mystery of the 2 Davids. Last Sunday a guy named David came to church. We went to go teach him during the week, but it was difficult to find his house because there are no addresses here. We found the house and knocked on the door. Some people answered that only speak Sotho and we asked for David. They took us to another house and introduced us to a guy named David. Except he wasn't the David we were looking for. So we started teaching this David, and all of a sudden the original David walked in the door and told us we went to the wrong house. Long story short now we have two new investigators named David.

And that's my week! Needless to say, we have been blessed with many miracles from the Lord. I hope your week was as good as mine was.

Elder LaHue